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Always a soft corner for the Soldier


It all started after seeing two young Indian soldiers traveling from the Southern most state of India to the Northern India by train in the lowest class, without reservation to fight the enemy. Probably they did not have a reservation, hence not a proper seat. They were sitting on the floor of train and having their dinner, which someone at home cooked and packed with lots of love and affection. While having dinner they were talking to each other in my mother tongue ‘Malayalam’. This is what they were saying ‘ Will we be lucky enough to have home made food again…..’. What the hell on Earth is preventing our soldiers from getting better facilities..at least when they go to fight a battle……..

Did I get emotional…Yes. Here is the photograph of a soldier from the Boarder security force of India, whom I photographed during my last train journey. I am unable to decode the expression on his face. Thank you brother for allowing me to photograph you.